U-Haul Trucks & Storage Units in Newton Falls, OH

When you need a U-Haul truck rental for a local move, get in touch with Stow It Storage Inc. As a U-Haul rental service, we have multiple sizes of moving trucks available for movers in Newton Falls, Braceville, and Paris, OH. We also manage a secure self-storage facility with many units of various sizes available for rent.

Moving Truck Rental

Self-Storage Units

We also operate a secure self-storage facility, with more than 200 units available for rent. We’ve taken extra precautions to secure all belongings stored in our units, including a gate with access time between 8am and 9pm, seven days a week. Our self-storage rates are:

5 x 10 unit: $43.95 per month (one-time $38 deposit)
10 x 10 unit: $60.95 per month (one-time $53 deposit)
10 x 20 unit: $98.95 per month (one-time $85 deposit)
10 x 26 unit: $128.95 per month (one-time $95+ deposit)

We return your deposit once you’ve removed all of your belongings from your rented storage space, as well as swept out the unit and returned the keys.

In addition to our indoor storage units, we also provide outdoor storage units for boats, RV and travel trailers. Don’t worry about taking up all the space in your driveway at home. Rent an outdoor storage spot from us and pick up your boat, RV or trailer when you get ready for your next vacation.

  • Moving Truck Rentals

    All moving U-Haul truck sizes require a valid driver’s license. The U-Haul® truck rate for an In-Town® move is $19.95/29.95/39.95 (plus mileage) for a scheduled moving period of up to 24 hours. For any part of each 24 hour period the scheduled return time, there is an additional $19.95/29.95/39.95 (plus mileage) charge. Our U-Haul truck rental rates are as follows:

    10 ft truck: $19.95 per day
    15 ft truck: $29.95 per day
    17 ft truck: $39.95 per day
    20 ft truck: $39.95 per day
    26 ft truck: $39.95 per day

    Additionally, we charge a rate per mile for any U-Haul truck rental:

    Sunday – Thursday: $.79 per mile
    Friday – Saturday: $.99 per mile

    One-Way Truck Rate Policy

    The U-Haul® truck rate for a ONE-WAY move is a predetermined dollar amount based on the truck size, point of origin and your destination. Please call us for one way prices as they constantly change. You’ll receive an allowed mileage and a set number of days to complete your move. At the destination, you agree to call the drop off phone number, and drop off the truck to a specific U-Haul location.

    Upon check-in: fuel, vehicle damage, vehicle condition and any oil receipts will all be reviewed as part of the deposit refund process. Equipment and rental periods are subject to availability. Other contract provisions apply.

Rent a Moving Truck

Getting ready to move? You need a U-Haul rental service! To reserve a U-Haul truck for your upcoming move, call Stow It Storage Inc. now at 330-872-5719 Don’t forget to consider self-storage, too!

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